The monastery of Tian He Si Ц The Heavenly River was established about 500 years ago by a Daoist monk Liu Zhuangzhong. When he came to the town of Hu Bei, he went to the Tian Wang Si monastery Ц Lord of Heaven. Hiding from his ill-wishers (according to the legend Liu killed his enemy, because of that the allies of the killed man organized a hunt for him) the monk settled in the Buddhist cloister. Because he came down from the Wudang Mountain, he was named the great master of the Wudang Qiuan style (Wudang Panlongmen tradition Ц The Coiled Dragon). He began teaching the hard qigong to 9 monks. From then on the tradition was passed on by word of mouth and was practically unknown to a large circle until the events of Cultural Revolution. In 1966 the Cultural Revolution befell China, the monastery was destroyed and the 8th patriarch of the school was forced into hiding. According to testimonies of numerous inhabitants of Jingzhou town, the 8th patriarch possessed many miraculous abilities; he was seen flying above the town. According to the testimony of the present 9th patriarch of Zhang Jialing style, the 8th patriarch had incredible extraordinary powers, and when young Zhang Jialing came to him to become his disciple, he was petrified by the power of the master. The master grabbed the future patriarch by the hand and started running. If there was a high wall in front of him, they jumped over it, if there was a growing tree, they jumped over the tree, if there was a river, they ran on water. After the Cultural Revolution the 8th patriarch had only 2 students left. Before he deceased, the Old Master passed on the secret books of Wudang Panlongmen tradition to Zhang Jialing, thus, making him the keeper of Tian He Si monastery tradition. After the change in the home policy of the Chinese government towards the masters of martial arts, Zhang Jialing was able to restore the monastery and gave it a new name Ц the Heavenly River, where he still lives with his family. Only 2 stones with the writings about the martial arts are left from the monastery. According to the testimonies of the disciples, the present patriarch also possesses miraculous abilities to walk on water and to sleep under the ground.

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